User Support Service

The Business Development and Software Support Team provides training to users, ensures effective use of software and undertakes the task of solving problems. In addition, it fulfills responsibilities such as meeting requests from software users, following the tasks of support staff and directing them to the higher level unit when necessary.

Business Development and Software Support Team

The Business Development and Software Support team is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient use of programs/software under its jurisdiction. This involves providing training to users and creating user guides to facilitate effective usage. The team is also tasked with resolving issues related to application software, addressing questions and requests from users, and guiding and tracking issues by redirecting them to the relevant parties when necessary.

We can list the tasks of the Software Support Team as follows:

  • Meeting requests from users of the software via phone and/or email.
  • Completing assigned tasks of support personnel accurately and on time.
  • Escalating requests it cannot resolve to a higher-level L2 unit and monitoring their progress.
  • Creating queries and generating reports using SQL when necessary.
  • Responding to customer inquiries (technical and application-related) and analyzing problems to provide solutions.
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